6 Tips For Owners When Renting an Apartment

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The owners should demand an endorsement, rent through official bodies or submit the contract to arbitration.

On the other hand, it would be advisable for the tenants to ensure the conditions in which the dwelling is located or to verify that the landlord is, effectively, the owner.

Renting a home can be a real odyssey, both for the tenant and the owner. Scams, unpaid … are some of the possible problems that can pull back to one or the other at the time of launching the adventure.

Therefore, we present a series of tips to avoid any type of incident when choosing to rent. Tips for owners Make a careful selection of the tenant and know their solvency. It is important to request your payroll and work contract, as well as check in the different registers of defaulters if the potential tenant has already had previous payment incidents. To rent through official agencies. The owner offers his flat at a cheaper price than the market and receives the guarantee from the public body that his apartment will be careful. Ask for additional guarantees. In addition to the payment of the deposit, the law allows that any type of guarantee of compliance with payment obligations be established in an additional way at the moment of signing the contract. Require an endorsement.

It is a support given by a third party on the payments that the tenant assumes. In case it stops paying. It can be personal or banking. Submit the contract to arbitration. It consists of both the tenant and the landlord signing an annex to the contract in which, in case of conflict, agree to submit to the decision taken by an impartial arbitrator. Contracts insurance against default or damage. They are usually similar to the cost of a home insurance, less than 200 dollar per year, although it will vary depending on the coverage.

Tips for the tenant Go to the appointment with paper and pen. Write down everything you like and do not like about each floor. It will be helpful later when you think about all the homes you have seen. Check if the layout and even the decoration you like, because once you rent it, you will not be able to modify anything without the owner’s permission. Be sure of the conditions in which the property is located. living place.

Open all the taps at the time, put the heater … to see if everything works properly. It is important that you recognize any item in disrepair before signing the contract so that afterwards there are no misunderstandings. To be sure that the person renting the house is indeed the owner.

Check this information is easy and inexpensive through a simple note requested in the property registry. Study what the contract, such as the price, which includes the monthly rent or the duration of the contract, as well as who should take care of the different expenses or the payment of the arrangements. Make sure that the owner has deposited the deposit. The law obliges the landlord to deposit the deposit in the competent body of the autonomous community, but, even if it is their obligation, it is advisable for the tenant to make sure that he does so.